Mission & Commitments

SOLIDE!’s Mission

To design and manufacture alternatives to traditional products in order to drastically reduce daily waste and our carbon footprint by avoiding any type of waste, especially plastic!

Solide! commits to…

Solide ! produits zéro déchet
SOLIDE ! zéro déchet

Zero Waste & Quality Products

Solide! products are sold without packaging (other than the delivery package) and are plastic-free. At the end of their life, they represent no waste.

We are committed to market only quality products that are as effective and even more effective than the existing alternatives that are not kind to the environment. We offer and make accessible practical, economical and affordable but also durable and sustainable alternatives to everyday products.

SOLIDE ! 100% biodégradable

100% biodegradable

Products designed to biodegrade easily and to have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

All our products are manufactured in an eco-responsible way: no use of harmful chemicals, low-energy manufacturing processes and reuse of materials. We only choose natural raw materials and if possible organic and certified by the most demanding labels:

ECOCERT certified organic ingredients for the raw materials of the Solide! Washing-up Cake (and the Solide! Washing-up Cake itself: certification in progress).

GOTS certified cotton for the organic fabrics used for accessories.

SOLIDE ! 100% biodégradable

Raw materials and partners

At Solide! we select natural origin ingredients only and when possible from organic farming.

Careful selection of partners: we only work with partners who share our values and who are also committed to preserving the environment. For a more sustainable world and eco-responsible consumption!

SOLIDE ! Végan


No animal testing is carried out on our products. It is the same for our raw materials which are all certified 100% vegan and without any animal testing.

We do not use any raw materials or ingredients of animal origin.

SOLIDE ! Végan
Solide ! Fabrication majoritairement française et collaboration avec des ESAT

Favouring handmade manufacturing

We design our products in Brittany (France). We intend to localise our activities by sourcing and manufacturing our products in the UK.

We favour the closest suppliers (United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany) to reduce the carbon impact linked to transport and create value in our territories.

We support workers from underrepresented groups, especially through partnerships with the ESAT* in Brittany for the production of our zero-waste accessories.

All the zero-waste fabric accessories are handmade in France, just like the Solide! Washing-up Cake and the other products we are developing for laundry, dishwashers and household cleaning.

*ESAT initiative (Les établissements ou services d’aide par le travail) is to facilitate integration into the mainstream labour market for people with disabilities.