The Story of Solide!

How it started

Our founders, Donatien and Simon are two entrepreneurs determined to change the world!

Motivated to do something about the climate emergency they have used their entrepreneurial skills to launch a number of zero-waste products under the Solide! brand name.

Our objective is to work for the common good, for the future of people and our planet.

Our reason for being (raison d’être) and our mission is to offer simple, ecological, economical, accessible and sustainable solutions, enabling everyone to easily reduce daily waste in a significant way.

Fondateurs de Solide! à Saint-Malo

The UK arm of Solide! is headed up by Tiphaine, an ambitious, International Business graduate, who is passionate about using her skills for the good of the environment, she is also Donatien’s sister.

As the co-founder of Solide! The Zero Waste Life, Tiphaine is determined to help consumers easily switch to sustainable consumption which will help save the planet and its oceans from plastic pollution. She is delighted to be able to offer zero-waste solutions, completely plastic-free from production to distribution.

Single-use plastic is a ticking time bomb for the environment, we all need to come together to tackle plastic pollution and make our planet a better place to live for future generations.


8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans each year.

450 years for a plastic bottle to degrade. 1000 years for some of them!

5,000 items of marine plastic pollution per mile of beach in the UK.

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What if we changed things?

The statistics are clear. Just in the UK, we use around 804 million washing-up liquid plastic bottles every year! We use even more disposable sponges which are very polluting in their manufacture and very difficult to recycle.

¾ of plastic bottles are not recycled consequently a large amount goes directly into our seas and oceans. Also, harmful pollutants from traditional washing-up liquids, which represent hundreds of millions of litres of chemicals, solvents, parabens, allergens, colourants, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and other byproducts are released into our rivers and seas.

By working together, we can succeed in reducing these alarming numbers.

This is the mission that Solide! has set for itself.

The launch of the project

This desire to make a change became real in June 2020 with the launch of the Solide! washing-up range and the durable Solide! accessories.

True to our values, these solutions allow everyone to drastically reduce waste related to washing dishes by hand.

With Solide! no more plastic bottles that end up incinerated or in nature, no more plastic packaging and polluting sponges, no more disposable cloths that clutter your bins and no more harmful discharge down the drain.

The Solide! washing-up range aims to become as accessible as possible. Our products that are kind to our skin and our planet will appeal to not just consumers who already favour so-called ‘eco-friendly’ products, but also to consumers who are not yet very aware of environmental issues who currently use traditional washing-up liquids that are very harmful to health and the environment, highly polluting sponges and single-use cleaning cloths.

We want zero-waste to be accessible to everyone allowing consumers to save money: 1 Solide! Washing-up Cake is equivalent to about 3 to 4 bottles of 500ml traditional washing-up liquid… 4 to 6 months of use!

sortie produits Solide!

Made from natural ingredients or from sustainably managed forests, our solutions are a perfect replacement for the usual products. Our durable sponges and cleaning cloths are made from recycled fabrics and GOTS certified organic cotton, and our brushes are made from untreated beechwood and natural agave fibres.

Consumers have been testing our products for several months now, with high levels of product satisfaction. None of the accessories has had to be replaced yet! They have already made it possible to avoid the use of several hundred disposable sponges and thousands of disposable cleaning cloths. Avoiding all the pollution related to the manufacturing, transport and recycling of traditional products.

We launched in the UK in July 2021 following a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign on the website: Crowdfunder. It was a great success. We have managed to achieve the maximum of support which has allowed us to carry out the project and therefore ensure the best possible start for Solide! The Zero Waste Life.

Thanks to everyone’s commitment, we are now launching nationally. We are working to make our solutions available to all with the lowest possible carbon impact and as close to you as possible.

We are already working to develop new ecological, economical, sustainable and zero-waste solutions for many other aspects of daily life.

The planet needs everyone’s commitment. Because if everyone makes a small gesture, altogether we can make a big difference to our planet.

Développement de Solide!