Pack of 5 Solid Washing-up Cakes

5 × Eco-Friendly Solid Washing-up Cake (100g)

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Take advantage of our ecological and economical pack of 5 Solid Washing-up Cakes. These refills of 100g each will allow you to have clean and shiny dishes while respecting the environment! Made of natural ingredients only, it is biodegradable.

  • Economical and durable: it lasts several months
  • Degreases and shines dishes
  • Does not leave traces
  • Antibacterial
  • Kind to the skin and the environment
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Free from toxic chemicals


In stock

The pack of 5 refills of the Solid Washing-up Cake is even more economical. Including 5 refills of 100g each, it will last you a few months.

This pack is the equivalent of 15 to 20 classic washing-up liquid bottles of 500ml! It is as much plastic packaging that you can avoid.

It is perfect to efficiently clean, degrease and make your dishes shine without leaving traces. Its solid format encourages taking only the quantity of product needed and thus avoids waste.

Eco-design, the Solid Washing-up Cake is made of certified organic ingredients and is biodegradable. Made from natural ingredients, it is kind to your skin and leaves your hands very soft:

  • Washing-up base formula made in France certified from organic ingredients by ECOCERT
  • White vinegar
  • Natural scent of sweet almond

Dimensions per refill:
Height: 2.3cm
Diameter: 7.3cm
Net weight per refill: 100g

Weight 505 g

Instructions for use

Position the Solide! Washing-up Cake with its ceramic dish (sold separately) near your sink.

Moisten your sponge or brush under the tap and lightly rub the Solide! Washing-up Cake… watch it foam up!

Next, wash your dishes like you usually would… only now you’ll be contributing to the planet!

Do not drench the Solide! Washing-up Cake and avoid leaving water on it after use. The sponge only needs dampening before extracting the product, which saves leaving excess water on the Cake. After use, let it dry: the small amount of excess water on the surface of the Cake will evaporate.

Once the Solide! Washing-up Cake is finished, you can clean the dish with a sponge and some hot water, dry it and insert a new Solide! Washing-up Cake (available in bulk for refill, without packaging).

Caution: keep out of reach of children, avoid any contact with eyes. Do not ingest. In case of projecting in the eyes, abundantly rinse with clear water. Remove contact lenses if wearing any. If irritation or a rash occurs, consult a doctor.

Ingredients & Manufacturing

The Solide! Washing-up Cake is certified organic and made in France from the following ingredients:

  • Washing-up base formula certified with organic ingredients by ECOCERT Greenlife (more than 30% anionic surfactants)
  • White vinegar
  • Natural scent of sweet almond

Packaging & Delivery

All our products are delivered without any individual wrapping or packaging, except to post your order to you – and we’re still trying to figure out a solution for that!

We favour recycled and biodegradable cardboard boxes and filling (100% biodegradable and compostable eco-flo packing peanuts that dissolve in a few minutes in water). We also use recovered materials (cardboard boxes and filling received during our own orders or recovered from our relatives or professional partners).

Preparation and shipping of your order are ensured by our care within 1 to 2 working days maximum.

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