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At Solide! we have a clear vision and strong values that are a fundamental part of our company’s articles!


Part 2 of our company’s articles

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We believe passionately that the time is right to drastically reduce our carbon footprint by fundamentally rethinking our lifestyles and consumption habits in order to prevent an environmental disaster.

Consumers can act now by changing their buying habits and reducing their waste by buying environmentally friendly and organic products.

Also, businesses need to lead the way by rethinking their production and operating methods to meet the needs of consumers who want to change.

More and more of us understand this absolute need for change and want to consume differently, but it can be difficult to find practical solutions to meet everyday needs while respecting the new ecological requirements.

Solide!’s desire is to work to find answers. To develop and build simple, everyday solutions that truly respect the planet. To have a real positive impact by favouring natural, low carbon, biodegradable products manufactured in the most respectful conditions for the environment and the people who work in our business.

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Raison d'être - Fondateurs Solide !

Our solutions are intended to be practical, ecological, sustainable, economical, and allow consumers to meet all types of daily needs. They are as respectful as possible of the planet, the environment and the health.

Our goal is to have a positive impact on the environment, to encourage as many people as possible to change towards more sustainable consumption patterns and to take concrete action to achieve a significant reduction in waste and GHG emissions.

Faithful to our values, we have chosen to give priority to people in difficulty and disadvantaged in the labour market. With the objective of promoting professional integration or reintegration of people with disabilities, we have established a partnership with several ESAT*.

*ESAT initiative (Les établissements ou services d’aide par le travail) is to facilitate integration into the mainstream labour market for people with disabilities.